Construction Code of Conduct
The Village contractor is defined to include the general contractor and all sub-contractors working on the construction or remodeling of the home. Throughout the construction process , the owner is responsible for all activities on his/her property as well as the conduct of all contractors and sub-contractors.
1. The owner needs to communicate with his/her neighbors.
The owner needs to communicate with the neighbors to explain the proposed project and the expected duration of the construction. Additionally, the owner should attempt to determine if the adjoining property owners have any particular concerns with the proposed project that could be remedied before the project starts.
2. Village contractors are guests in the community.
Village contractors are guests in Bloomfield Village and are expected to conduct themselves as such. Existing neighbors have a right to the quiet enjoyment and use of their property. Village contractors are expected to operate within the confines of Bloomfield Township ordinances and should make every effort to operate in the least disruptive fashion possible as to equipment, noise, employee behavior, cleanliness, and safety of site. By ordinance, Bloomfield Township allows construction Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
3. Village contractors must manage the construction site and keep it safe.
Village contractors must manage work on the site so as to minimize safety risks to neighbors and other residents of the Village. Site management includes the control of material and equipment deliveries so as not to overload the site or the right-of-way.
4. Sidewalks must be kept open for pedestrian usage at all times.
The site must be protected at all times during the construction. All excavation work must be scheduled so as to occur in a timely manner. Open excavations must be fenced off in order to prevent accidental falls into any open pits. Construction materials and portable restrooms should be isolated as much as possible from neighbors’ view. Dumpsters must also be located in areas as remote as possible from neighboring homes and passerby views. Construction parking may not impede emergency vehicles. Do not park in front of neighboring homes or on the greenbelt.
5. Village contractors need to familiarize themselves with applicable codes.
Village contractors are expected to familiarize themselves with the Bloomfield Township codes and adhere to them. Any non-compliance to any applicable requirement will require corrective action and the Bloomfield Village Manager will work with Bloomfield Township to pursue corrective action(s). Bloomfield Village Deed Restrictions prohibit the placement of signs advertising the architect, builder, lender or sub-contractors on the property.

6. Village contractors are to exert care.
Village contractors are to exert care in pursuing their work so as to avoid cutting utility service lines such as cable, phone, power, gas and water lines. Grading of the property must prevent site drainage from flowing onto neighboring properties. “On site” work must protect existing plant materials and trees by means of temporary fencing. Special care must be extended to mature plant materials (trees and shrubs) on neighboring properties in the vicinity of the side and rear property lines as well as the public right- of-way. Temporary fencing protecting mature trees must be located so as to prevent the mounding of soil around existing root systems and the compaction of soil by construction vehicles.
7. Village contractors are responsible for damages.
Village contractors are required to pay the costs of repairing any and all common area improvements including curb/gutter, sidewalks, streets, trees, shrubs and public utilities. Contractors shall promptly clean any debris that is spilled within the public right-of- way during the course of construction. Upon completion, the contractor must restore all sidewalks and road pavement to its original or better condition.
8. Village project approvals are valid for one year.
Project approvals are valid for one year. If the original approval expires, re-approval by the Village Manager is required. Projects should be completed within twelve months of commencement of construction. All projects will be monitored by the Village Manager for conformity with approved plans.
The residents of Bloomfield Village, the Bloomfield Village Board of Trustees and Bloomfield Township thank you for your understanding and cooperation.