Construction Code of Conduct
Architectural - Construction Code of Conduct
A VILLAGE BUILDER is defined to include the resident property owner, the general contractor and all subcontractors. The property owner is responsible for all activities on their property and the conduct of all contractors and subcontractors.
1. The VILLAGE BUILDER as a guest in the community.
Village Builders are guests in Bloomfield Village and as such, are expected to conduct themselves as guests. Existing neighbors have a right to the quiet enjoyment and use of their property. Village Builders are expected to operate within the confines of Bloomfield Township ordinances and should make every reasonable effort to operate in the least disruptive fashion possible as to equipment operation, noise of operation, employee behavior, cleanliness of site and safety of site. Bloomfield Township Ordinance allows construction Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM only.
2. Village Builders need to communicate with their neighbors.
Village Builders should communicate with their neighbors explaining their proposed project, expected duration of construction time span, and names and telephone numbers of contacts. Additionally, builders should attempt to determine if any problems could be avoided by determining if the adjoining property has any particular concerns or problems with the proposed project that could be remedied before the project starts.
3. Village Builders must manage their sites and keep them safe.
Village Builders need to manage the site so as to minimize safety risks to their neighbors and other Villagers. Site management including controlling the material and equipment deliveries so as not to overload the site or the right-of-way is expected. Excavation for footings and foundations are expected to be timed so that construction follows as quickly as possible to minimize the safety risks of open unprotected excavations. Making sure the sidewalks are kept open and usable is expected. Construction vehicles are to be parked on the building site driveway, not on the front lawn, or on the Street immediately in front of the project. Do not park in front of neighbors, on the greenbelt, or park so as to impede Emergency vehicles. Location of portable restroom facilities and solid waste disposal dumpsters should be placed on the building site so as to minimize impact on neighboring property. Portable restrooms are to be in the rear of the property, in the garage if possible. Permanent site dumpsters should only be located in the rear of the lot. Materials should be stored in the rear of the lot and in as small an area as possible to isolate the negative aesthetic impact on neighbors.
4. Village Builders need to familiarize themselves with Township Codes.
Village Builders are expected to familiarize themselves with the Bloomfield Township codes and follow them. The Bloomfield Village Manager will work together with Bloomfield Township to identify violations and pursue enforcement. Bloomfield Village Building and Use Restrictions prohibit the placement of signs on the property advertising the builder, architect, lender or subcontractor.
5. Village Builders are to exert care
Village Builders are to exert extreme care in designing their project and construction improvements so as to avoid cutting utility service lines such as cable, telephone, power lines, gas lines and water lines. Grade of property, either temporary or permanent, must be to avoid drainage problems for a neighbor. Care is to be exercised in grading and excavating so as to prevent damage to trees and shrubs on neighboring property and public right-of-way. Security systems should be adjusted to prevent false alarms.
6. Village Builders are to preserve and consider their surroundings.
Village Builders are encouraged to preserve natural features on their property including trees and shrubbery. It is recommended to install temporary fencing to minimize damage to landscaping and to help control site cleanliness. The Bloomfield Village Board of Trustees will strictly adhere to the Bloomfield Village Architectural and Site Guidelines in evaluating projects for approval.
7. Village Builders are responsible for damages.
Village Builders are required to pay the costs of repairing any and all common area improvements including curbs/gutters, sidewalks, streets, trees/shrubs and public utilities. Builders shall promptly clean any debris that is spilled on public property during the course of construction.
8. Village Builders have rights too!
Village Builders have the right to improve their property consistent with the Bloomfield Village Building and Use Restrictions, the Village Architectural and Site Guidelines and Bloomfield Township Building Ordinances. Bloomfield Village recognizes the right of builders to improve their property but demands that the construction activity occur in a manner which is the least disruptive to the neighborhood. Remember that inconsiderate action on the part of just one builder may have a resultant impact on all builders. Bloomfield Village Building and Use Restrictions require that all projects be completed within twelve months from approval.
On behalf of all Bloomfield Village residents, the Bloomfield Village Board of Trustees, and Bloomfield Township we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.