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School Talk - Quarton Elementary School 2015

Open House 2015
October is Fire Safety Month, so the Bloomfield Village Volunteer Fire Department held its annual open house on Oct. 4. The event was held in cooperation with Bloomfield Township Fire Department.
Kids could have pictures taken with a firefighter, spray water and learn what to do in a fire inside the simulated smoke house.  It was also a great opportunity for everyone to explore the inside of a fire truck, police car and see the Township’s Special Operations and Rescue Truck (SOAR).  The SOAR truck is a modified beverage delivery truck retro fitted with everything the fire department needs at a fire, hazardous materials spill, vehicle accident, or building collapse. 
Volunteers served doughnuts and apple cider. Retired Fire Chief Harvey Rosenberg grilled hot dogs for the crowd.  After a four-year-old informed him that he was burning the hot dogs, he fine-tuned his cooking skills.
Adults also enjoyed the open house. Mr. Dady stopped by the open house with his father’s BVFD fire hat.  He was able to locate his dad in a photograph from the 50s standing in front of the Bloomfield Village Fire Hall, which was later renamed Hackett Hall.
The village Fire Department is comprised of 12 volunteers, 4 advisors, 2 provisional volunteers and one paid deputy chief.  We’re always looking for new members to join the department.  If interested, call the Village Fire Department offices at (248) 645-8285 for more information.
Bloomfield Village Fire Department - Volunteer Fire Chief and Asst. Fire Chief
"Geoff Hockman" - Chief
"Will Forrest" - Asst. Chief
After 9 years of dedicated service to the community, Chief Jeff Kern stepped down as Fire Chief.  The Village Board accepted the nomination of Geoff Hockman as the new Volunteer Fire Chief.  Jeff Kern will remain on the department as a Firefighter and his experience as the outgoing Chief will be a great asset to the department.  Deputy Fire Chief Ted Gauthier will remain as the only Full Time Firefighter.
Chief Hockman appoints Will Forrest as "Asst. Chief"
Former Deputy Chief Gauthier Congratulates "Geoff Hockman" as Fire Chief
Former Deputy Chief Gauthier Congratulates "Will Forrest" as Asst. Fire Chief
Bloomfield Village Fire Department Social Dinner
If you had the opportunity to join us for the Fire Department Social Dinner held on September 1, 2013 you were really treated to something special.
Firefighter Jim Adams opened up his home and Firefighter Geoff Hockman, his wife Jill and Daughter Hannah created a feast of food that everyone is still raving about.
It was a great time to relax, meet each others and enjoy some wonderful food and drink.
Hosted by:  Jim Adams & Geoff Hockman
Thank You:  Jim Adams & the Hockman Family for a wonderful time !

Bloomfield Village Annual Fire Department Barbeque
on July 12, 2013
Above: Bloomfield Village Firefighters and their families enjoy an evening on the lake with good food and friends.
Above: Former Deputy Chief Ted Gauthier, Max and Bridget Gagnier heading out for a boat ride

Bloomfield Fire Department Charities Outing
on May 20, 2013
Bloomfield Township Fire Department presented a check for $10,000 to the university of Michigan Burn Education program.
The Bloomfield Village Fire Department Golf Team
From Left to Right: Deputy Chief Ted Gauthier, Tony Zambelli, Tom Rankin and Geoff Hockman

Birmingham Memorial Day Parade
The Bloomfield Village Fire Department attending the Parade on May 19th and a good time was had by everyone.

Training with Troy Fire Department
Fire suppression evolutions at Toms Landscape, 4210 Rochester north Wattles east side
We used an abandoned building, simulating a fire scenario

by Fire Chief Jeff Kern

Power Outage Map - DTE Energy
Did you know? This map displays interruptions in electrical service lasting more than 5 minutes and is updated every 15 min.
Click on this link:

Roy Satikas & William Forrest
We are pleased to announce that two of our Bloomfield Village Firefighter's, Roy Satikas and Will Forrest have taken the State of Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council exams and have successfully completed the requirements for Fire Fighter I & II.
Congratulations to Roy and Will... We are very proud to have them as members of our Volunteer Fire Department. We greatly appreciated their commitment to volunteer ans make Bloomfield Village a better place to live.
Roy Satikas
Will Forest

Engine #15 has new Stripping
It was time to make all four of our fire apparatus look uniform and complete.  Engine #15 was just stripped to match the design of Truck #14.

Village Firefighters had a special outing to support the Detroit Firefighters
"Burn" provides an inside look a one year on the front lines of the battle to save Detroit.
Burn is a feature documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit Firefighters, $25,000 of monies raised will be used to purchase replacement fire gear in Detroit.
Detroit, which has 713,000 residents and 30 structure fires a day.

Presentation Day - September 12, 2012

Patriot's Day
The Bloomfield Village Fire/Police and the Bloomfield Township Fire Departments participated with Detroit Country Day Middle School honoring our fallen brothers and sisters.

New Emergency Call Box
We have installed a new Emergency Call Box at the main entrance to the Village Hall located at 3595 Bradway Blvd.  If you feel you have an emergency situation and in need of a Fire or Police office and there is no one at the station, then "push the button" on the call box.  A dispatcher  will answer and handle the situation for you.

"Live Burn Training Video"  Click here

Bloomfield Hills Fire Department - Attends the Birmingham Parade
We are happy to announce the launch of this new Fire Department website on November 28, 2011.  We will be updating this entire site often so please check in to see what is happening.

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