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Bloomfield Village Fire Department: Contact Us
Lieutenant Mike Cummings
Phone: (248) 645-8285
Email: tgauthier@bloomfieldtwp.org
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Bloomfield Village Fire Department
3595 Bradway Blvd
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

Phone: (248) 645-8285

Lieutenant Mike Cummings
Email: mcummings@bloomfieldtwp.org
Bloomfield Township Dispatch Center
Non-Emergency Information
If you need to contact a Fire Officer please leave a message at the Bloomfield Village Fire Office, Voice Mail (248) 645-8285 and someone will return your call when they return to the office.  You can also send Lieutenant Mike Cummings an email:  mcummings@bloomfieldtwp.org and he will normally respond within the hour.  If you feel that your situation is a non-emergency and needs immediate attention, you can call the Bloomfield Township Dispatch Center and they will handle your concerns. 
Non-Emergency - Bloomfield Township Dispatch Center 
Phone: (248) 433-7755

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